Research Faculty Opportunities

At Children’s Nebraska, we offer many opportunities for both faculty and non-faculty researchers to perform cutting-edge, meaningful research, and contribute to the growing field of medicine. Children’s welcomes new research projects, new ideas, and innovative approaches from our faculty. We then provide the research facilities and funding to support your unique interests.

“My experience as a faculty researcher at Children’s has been motivating and meaningful. I just handed one of my adolescent patients a publication yesterday, and was able to tell her that it was our conversation together in clinic about her symptoms that led to the research methodology and the impact the research is going to have on other children. That is my greatest joy as a researching clinician — affirming to the children I care for that their story matters and that their story shifts the science.”

—Meaghann Shaw Weaver, MD, MPH, FAAP, palliative care physician and researcher at Children’s Nebraska

Why Do Research At Children’s?

  • Children’s is the only medical center in the region that is devoted entirely to pediatrics. This makes Children’s ideal for researchers who are specifically interested in pediatric conditions.
  • Research at Children’s draws researchers from around the globe. International diversity strengthens our ability to collaborate and learn from each other.
  • We support all types of research, including epidemiology, disease discovery, and testing new therapeutic approaches.
  • We have opportunities for both faculty and non-faculty researchers, which brings in researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and skills.
  • Researchers can collaborate with others from various medical centers and universities in the area, such as University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), and Creighton University.

The Child Health Research Institute (CHRI)

The Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) was established to provide our researchers with funding and resources to advance prevention and treatment of pediatric conditions. CHRI is a collaboration between Children’s and University of Nebraska Medical Center.

CHRI’s mission is to promote research in pediatric health, consolidate research in pediatric disease, and provide resources to faculty investigators.

  • The Institute supports all areas of pediatric medicine, with special focuses on cancer, cardiac care, infectious diseases, and rare diseases.
  • The collaboration with UNMC provides researchers with access to facilities and resources from two renowned institutions.
  • Researchers can participate in both clinical studies, which directly involve patients, and science studies, which are laboratory-based and do not involve patients.
  • The Pediatric Research Office (PRO) is a constant support system that provides assistance with many areas of research projects, such as filling out applications for Institutional Review Board approval, offering budgetary or contract assistance, and helping carry out studies.

Learn more about the Child Health Research Institute

Research Opportunities

Faculty Researchers

Children’s offers the ideal setting for faculty members who are also interested in performing research. We work with both physician-scientists and bench scientists.

As a faculty researcher, you will receive the benefits of Children’s’ commitment to advancing medicine, such as:

  • Laboratory space, facilities, and technology at both Children’s and UNMC
  • Renewable grant funding
  • Support with recruiting team members, such as other faculty researchers, lab technicians, or graduate students
  • Support with transitioning your own team and family to Children’s
  • Educational opportunities, such as the Pediatric Writing Workshop and the annual Pediatric Research Forum

At Children’s, we value our researchers’ personal areas of interest and expertise. As a faculty researcher, we invite you to create projects based on your individual skills and interests.

Physician Scientists

There are many reasons why Children’s is an excellent place to blend your practice of pediatric medicine with your research interests:

  • Children’s is a growing freestanding pediatric teaching hospital and Nebraska’s only full service pediatric healthcare center.
  • Our hospital has a Level IV Regional NICU, Level II Pediatric Trauma Center, specialized clinical services, and 24/7 pediatric intensivists.
  • We have more than 145 beds in our main hospital, 50 specialty clinics, more than 250 specialists, and more than 20 satellite offices.
  • Children’s is a Magnet-certified medical center.
  • Our new campus expansion includes an additional 100 beds, as well as an expanded:
    • Newborn Intensive Care Unit
    • Fetal Care Center and fetal surgery
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    • Cardiac Care Center, including intensive care
    • Short-Stay Observation Unit
    • Emergency Department
    • Surgical services
  • The new campus expansion will also provide new facilities to support education, clinical, and outcomes research.

Non-Faculty Research Opportunities

We welcome researchers who are specifically interested in bench and translational research — such as post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and technicians — to perform and participate in research at Children’s.

When you take on a non-faculty research project, you’ll be collaborating with our Pediatric Research Office staff if you’re involved with clinical research, and you will have access to resources at both Children’s and UNMC, such as laboratory space and technologies.

Why Omaha?

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Fast Facts

Why Consider Making Omaha Your Home

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  • The city of Omaha has an outstanding educational system of public and private schools.
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  • We have numerous universities and colleges are nearby, including the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Creighton University.
  • Nebraska has one of the lowest unemployment rates of any US state, at only 2.7%, compared to a national average of 4%.
  • Omaha hosts the Olympic Swim Trials, the Olympic Curling Trials, and the College World Series.
  • The diverse economy includes multiple Fortune 500 companies. (And yes, Warren Buffet still lives here.)

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